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Family put on floor for two-hour flight

14 January 2019

They were given seats 41 D, E and F, but when they boarded the TUI plane in June previous year, under the numbers was just empty space, rather than seating.

The Civil Aviation Authority says while passengers are allowed to sit in crew seats under certain conditions, they must not be left unseated during any stage of the flight.

They then sat in the empty space on the floor for the two-hour flight.

However, Mrs Taylor said that she "got short shrift" from the airline when she personally complained immediately after the incident, despite having photographs of what had happened. Speaking to the broadcaster for its Rip-Off Britain: Holidays program, Paula explained that as they boarded the plane, "We went straight to the front and we were very excited by the fact we had managed to sit together". "We couldn't believe it when we realised that there genuinely weren't any seats for us", Mrs Taylor said.

But while the plane was airborne, flight attendants had to get access to food for other passengers.

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The couple therefore spent the entire journey without a seat, with Brooke deciding to join them as well because she didn't want to sit with strangers. "It's hard and it's uncomfortable and it's just filthy", Paula recalled.

After the family contacted Rip Off Britain, TUI refunded their fares and said a "last-minute aircraft change" meant the family's assigned seats were unavailable, as the alternative aircraft had a different seating configuration.

The spokesperson added, "We're also sorry for the way the situation was initially handled and we'll be investigating this".

Tui said the family were offered the full £1,300 of the flight to be refunded and £30 as a "goodwill gesture".

They turned down the option of a later flight and opted for the row with missing seats.

Family put on floor for two-hour flight