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Weird City Trailer: Jordan Peele’s New Sci-Fi Comedy Sets Premiere Date

11 January 2019

Jordan Peele has been busy.

YouTube has been churning out a horde of original content in recent years through its very own streaming platform YouTube Premium, holding its own against the other streaming giants of the world - and with Academy Award-winner Jordan Peele behind its next offering, Weird City, that isn't set to change anytime soon.

The population of Weird is divided into two classes, "The Haves", who live above The Line and "The Have Nots", who live Below The Line. But all of them are guinea pigs to the mysterious Dr. Negari (Burton), who is the one recurring constant in each episode of this anthology series. The trailer highlights his power, as Weird City citizens question, yet go along with his futuristic perspectives.

As well as Michael Cera, there's also Dylan O'Brien, Rosario Dawson, Ed O'Neil, Awkwafina, Steven Yeun and many more.

Weird City centers around two groups of people, the Above the Line (The Haves) and Below the Line (The Have Nots), ruled by the unusual and mysterious Dr. Negari, as the middle class has vanished entirely.

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A dystopian future could be in the not-too-distant-future. Presiding over the denizens of the city is the unusual and mysterious Dr. Negari, who weaves all of our stories together.

Each episode will take a look at issues that pertain to the present day, like social media, online dating, and fitness, through the introduction of new technologies. Peele's highly anticipated sophomore feature Us hits theaters in March, while next month will see the release of Lorena, a four-part documentary on Lorena Bobbitt that he produced for Amazon.

The six-episode anthology series will also show off Peele's sci-fi muscles, which will be on full flex when he executive produces, hosts, and narrates the upcoming Twilight Zone reboot, in which Yeun will also appear.

Weird City debuts on YouTube Premiere on February 13.

Weird City Trailer: Jordan Peele’s New Sci-Fi Comedy Sets Premiere Date