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Paraguay cuts diplomatic ties with Venezuela after Maduro sworn in

11 January 2019

The EU deeply regrets that its call for "fresh presidential elections in accordance with internationally recognised democratic standards and the Venezuelan constitutional order" was ignored and that President Maduro is today starting a new mandate on the basis of non-democratic elections.

In a letter dated December 10, 2018, Maduro requested Harris' presence at his inauguration, saying, "Knowing his special respect for Venezuela, his singular appreciation for the good relationship between our countries and his inestimable solidarity with the Venezuelan people, it will be a great honor and an enormous privilege to have his presence at the State Ceremony, as well as in the rest of the official activities that will take place in the city of Caracas, on January 10, 2019".

The vote was taken during a meeting Thursday of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS).

"All that's left to do is raise your hand to heaven and ask God to help us", said Bermudez, camped out on a Caracas sidewalk with hundreds of others waiting for gas. There are problems in Venezuela, like in any other country.

"The United States remains steadfast in its support of the Venezuelan people and will continue to use the full weight of US economic and diplomatic power to press for the restoration of Venezuelan democracy", Pompeo said.

"Having seized power through fraudulent and anti-democratic elections held on May 20, 2018, the Maduro regime is now fully entrenched as a dictatorship", Freeland said in a statement. Canada has provided $2.2-million in humanitarian assistance to Venezuela and is a member of the Lima Group of countries that is trying to bring worldwide pressure to bear on the South American country. It produced 3.5 million barrels of crude daily when Chavez took power.

Maduro also took the opportunity to complain how Latin America, once celebrated by leftists around the world as a hotbed of socialism, had been "contaminated" by the election of right-wing leaders, including Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro, who he labeled a "fascist". Output has plummeted to less than a third of that. Critics blame years of rampant corruption and mismanagement of the state-run oil firm PDVSA.

The economic collapse has thrown the nation of 30 million people into turmoil.

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An estimated 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled, according to the United Nations.

Venezuela's splintered opposition movement has failed to counter the socialist party's dominance. Some said Maduro should do more to crack down on business leaders for raising prices.

The opposition-led Congress opened its session for the year this week, led by 35-year-old Juan Guaido, who vowed to battle against Maduro. US banks are also banned from doing business with Venezuela, putting a financial strangle-hold on the cash-strapped country.

In recent times, St. Kitts and Nevis' bilateral cooperation with Venezuela has spanned many areas, such as energy cooperation, poverty alleviation and human settlements.

David Smilde, a Tulane University professor and expert on Venezuela, said that sanctions aren't likely to create change.

Maduro has gained control of virtually all of Venezuela's political institutions and enjoys the support of the military.

"We will not allow them to act without effect or enjoy their ill-gotten gains in the United States - and urge other countries to act likewise".

Paraguay cuts diplomatic ties with Venezuela after Maduro sworn in