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NY meteorologist fired after saying racial slur on air

11 January 2019

A meteorologist at a Rochester, N.Y., news station was sacked Monday after the city's mayor and other viewers called for his dismissal for using what sounded like a racial slur during the broadcast.

According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, a weatherman at an NBC station in Rochester was sacked for using a racial slur on air while mentioning Martin Luther King Day.

"Martin Luther C-n King Jr.", he said, according to viewers and local officials. He said that he simply flubbed his words while speaking too quickly on air.

According to his LinkedIn account, Kappell worked at television stations in Texas, Mississippi, Kansas and Kentucky prior to arriving in NY. "I have never and would never do anything intentionally to tarnish the reputation of the greatest civil rights leader of all time", he said.

Mayor Warren said earlier on Monday that at this point it doesn't matter if the word was said on objective or not, but what does matter is how the community deals with it. In my mind I knew that I had mispronounced, but there was no malice, there was nothing I could have.

'I had no idea what some people could've interpreted that as. As soon as I mispronounced it I put an emphasis on King and moved on. If you did feel that it hurt you in any way, I sincerely apologize.

Jeremy Kappell called the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park in Rochester "Martin Luther Coon".

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'It is beyond unacceptable that this occurred.

The mayor and city council called for Kappell's termination and for an examination of WHEC's response to the incident. "It took the station almost two days to apologize, and only after the station was shamed into doing so by a backlash on social media", it read. "And to say "coon" in association with his name is deplorable and unacceptable", said Richard McCollough President of Rochester Association of Black Journalists. In a joint statement, Warren and Scott said it was "wrong, hurtful and infuriating" for the station to broadcast the racial slur. "I regret that we did not immediately interrupt our broadcast and apologize on the spot", the statement adds. "We also want to know what measures will be taken to prevent incidents like this from occurring in the future". "Upon learning of the incident, News10NBC leadership immediately initiated an internal investigation and internal discussion, and by Sunday had made a staffing change", said Richard Reingold, News10NBC general manager. "Park", according to video of the broadcast circulated online.

"These words have no place on News10NBC's air, and the fact that we broadcast them disheartens and disgusts me; that it was not caught immediately is inexcusable", he continued.

In 2005, another weatherman was sacked from a Las Vegas station for making a similar remark.

"First, it seems unlikely even the most rabid racist would say something like that on the air".

"We came to the decision we did sometime before I knew of Mayor Warren's position".

"It was tumultuous, it was one of the worst days in my life", Kappell, who said his report was "mischaracterized", explains at around the 2:00 mark after noting he received lots of support by Monday morning.

NY meteorologist fired after saying racial slur on air