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LG Launches Rollable OLED TV with a 4K Flexible Screen

11 January 2019

LG at CES 2019 on Monday unveiled a roll-up television screen as a trend of bendable displays began taking shape at a consumer electronics extravaganza in Las Vegas.

Also LG has introduced a working prototype 88-inch OLED-display with support for technology Crystal Sound, the surface of which performs the role of dynamics. LG is using its flexible OLED technology in this case along with a motorized base that lets you raise or lower your TV based on what you want to do.

With CES officially kicking off from tomorrow, we could expect a week full of awesome tech as companies reveal their roadmap for the year.

A demonstration showed that the 65-inch (165 centimetre) screen could disappear completely into the base, extend just part way to display photos, act as a control screen for smart devices, or rise completely for full viewing. That means 120Hz and AI image processing using LG's new Alpha 9 Gen 2 CPU.

Its Signature OLED TV R is a next-generation telly which can roll itself up into a little box, unfurled when it's time for Eastenders and then put away at the press of a button.

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LG hasn't announced a price for the TV R yet, though reports that the company said it would cost more than the 8K TV announced last week-that TV's price hasn't been announced either, but given that the 8K LG will compete directly with, we're betting the rollable TV won't be within most people's reach. The TV space is one area where we haven't seen any new innovations in terms of the design. Its price was not disclosed, but it will be among LG's premium television lineups.

"The world's first rollable OLED TV will show the essence of display revolution", LG's home entertainment head Kwon Bong-seok said, touting its rollable OLED TV as a true game-changer that can liberate users from limitations of the wall and free them to curate their own personal space.

"We're talking with other clients as well [apart from LG Electronics] for the rollable TV panels", he said.

LG is keen to make the TV the centrepiece of a connected living room and is leading the charge when it comes to imbuing its TVs with third party smart assistants.

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LG Launches Rollable OLED TV with a 4K Flexible Screen