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Hyatt To Test Google Assistant - Interpreter Mode

11 January 2019

The company introduced Google Assistant Connect, which is a platform that manufacturers can easily build into their devices to make them Google voice assistant compatible.

The device - specifically engineered for automobiles - plugs into a 12V accessory port (cigarette lighter), allowing users to call upon Google Assistant without interacting with their phone. It's part of a big promotional booth for the Google Assistant, which is the thing that talks back to you when you talk to your phone or Google home.

Google's segment at CES has been filled with various announcements about its virtual assistant. So, slap on your VR headset and take a ride.

The Google Assistant will help you hold conversations in dozens of languages.

There was a lot announced over the past week at CES 2019, and we've rounded up all of the best news from CES down below.

Additionally, Anker and JBL are building auto accessories with Google Assistant support.

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In the next few days, Google will make the functionality available on Android and Apple devices, though Apple users will need to download the Google Assistant mobile app.

In a demonstration at the Las Vegas exhibit, Google showed how its new Interpreter feature can be used to break down language barriers in real-time conversations. Additionally, Google Assistant will also alert if your flight is ready for Web check-in. And Todoist, for help keeping track of itineraries with notes and lists in the Google Assistant. KitchenAid Smart Display will be compatible with smart home devices that work with the Google Assistant. Amazon, the current market leader in smart speakers, will see its share of the market drop to 63% this year from 67% in 2018 as the e-commerce giant faces more competition from Google and other companies, researcher eMarketer forecast.

In the area of travel, Google announced that Assistant will also soon be able to check you into your flight, which means instead of digging through emails to find your confirmation number, you can bark at the AI helper to "check in to my flight".

Now translation has been a part of the Google Assistant since the introduction of the Pixel Buds in 2017, but Interpreter Mode brings real-time translation to smart displays and speakers.

With rivals also aiming for the voice-powered AI to play a big role, Google expects that the Assistant will be the victor in this AI race as the company has made a big bet on it.

Hyatt To Test Google Assistant - Interpreter Mode