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California governor moves to bolster negotiating power for lower drug prices

11 January 2019

Trump has threatened in the past to halt federal support for California but has yet to follow through.

Newsom also spoke out against the president's repeated calls for a border wall.

The fight to expand coverage under the Affordable Care Act never petered out in California, even as the federal government moved repeatedly to dismantle the Obama-era policy. But he says California's wildfire victims are "American citizens who require our help".

On Tuesday, shortly after being sworn in, Newsom - who ran on the proposal of providing healthcare to everyone in California, though he struggled to explain how he would pay for it - signed an executive order taking steps in that direction. Jerry Brown a year ago. "People's lives, freedom, security, the water we drink, the air we breathe - they all hang in the balance". Many believe Newsom also harbours ambitions for national politics, and a charming moment with his family won't have done those any damage.

About two-thirds of the $305 million has already been approved by lawmakers.

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"He's a very rambunctious little boy, very cute", Governor Newsom's aunt Franza told CBS Los Angeles.

Newsom will announce his actions Tuesday at a state emergency operations centre in a Sierra Nevada foothills community at high risk for fire. He praised Trump then for quickly providing disaster relief money in the past. Kate Brown (D) of OR and Jay Inslee (D) of Washington state demanding better wildfire support from President Donald Trump, who has threatened California with "no more Fed payments!".

Trump tweeted Wednesday that California gets billions of dollars for fires that could have been prevented with better management.

California's new governor wants to reinstate the individual mandate at the state level.

Last year, the deadliest wildfire in state history ravaged the town of Paradise north of Sacramento, destroying almost all of the housing stock and killing more than 80 people.

California governor moves to bolster negotiating power for lower drug prices