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Verizon Shivs AT&T, Says It Won't Mislead Customers With Phony 5G Labels

10 January 2019

AT&T is being mocked online by its fellow telecom giants for advertising a fake 5G network. AT&T issued the update to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, the LG V30, and the V40, and the changelog noted just a single item: "5G Evolution indicator support added". Right now, AT&T doesn't have any device on its roster that boasts actual 5G capabilities. In other words, the presence of that 5G E logo on existing phones that lack the necessary 5G hardware is a little ridiculous.

"The potential for 5G is awesome, but the potential to over-hype and under-deliver on the 5G promise is a temptation that the wireless industry must resist", Verizon said. Those additions, which pushed the total customer count to nearly 80 million, helped T-Mobile produce its best quarterly results ever, the company announced Wednesday afternoon. Though Malady doesn't call out AT&T directly, it's pretty clear what this letter is a response to. Nothing fantastic, actually. According to The Verge, AT&T says 5G Evolution connections will reach "average real-world speeds of around 40Mbps", - which isn't as fast as the 53.3Mbps rates that Verizon's 4G LTE networks hit in our Fastest Wireless Network testing.

T-Mobile's outperformance of even Verizon's surprisingly strong numbers is a signal that it's continuing to take the most market share among US carriers.

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Verizon goes on to talk about the investments that it is making to roll 5G technology out nationwide. "That's 23 quarters in a row where more than 1 million customers have chosen T-Mobile - along with a postpaid phone churn result that's below 1%".

Verizon took a minute to stand on a soapbox this morning and warn the wireless industry that they shouldn't over sell 5G. We ultimately doubt it will, but we'll keep our fingers crossed anyway.

Verizon Shivs AT&T, Says It Won't Mislead Customers With Phony 5G Labels