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Theresa May brings ailing Brexit deal back to Parliament

10 January 2019

British Prime Minister Theresa May is rapidly losing control over her Brexit strategy after the government suffered a pair of humiliating defeats in the House of Commons this week that have opened the door to a range of possibilities, including another referendum on Brexit.

Ministers argued that the business motion, tabled by the government, was not amendable and said the Speaker was breaking with long-standing precedent in saying it was.

The defeat highlights May's weak position as leader of a minority government, a divided party, and a critical parliament just days before she is due to hold a pivotal vote on whether to approve the Brexit deal she has negotiated with the EU.

In a twist, David Mundell yesterday intervened to suggest that the PM could in fact win next week's vote on her Brexit Plan but, if she did not, he raised the prospect that the same deal could be put again to MPs. But there is little indication that many MPs have been swayed and the deal is nearly certain to be defeated on Tuesday. Ms.

With the likelihood of a disruptive "no-deal" Brexit rising, the European Union is looking at how Brexit might be postponed, and pro-EU campaigners are testing ways Britain could hold another referendum after voters narrowly backed leaving in 2016.

The amendment was tabled by Labour MP Yvette Cooper and former Tory cabinet minister Nicky Morgan in an effort to demonstrate the strength of opposition to no deal.

May's fellow Conservative Party colleagues who support a hard Brexit, which would entail cutting nearly all ties to the EU.

MPs will on Wednesday (Jan 9) begin five days of debate ahead of a historic vote on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, which faces daunting opposition while the clock ticks down before Britain leaves the European Union. Lawmakers would have the power to amend that plan.

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"The real choice facing Parliament and the country is now clear".

The latest parliamentary fireworks come after the anti no-deal MPs defeated the government on Tuesday evening, in a significant show of parliamentary strength against what they feel would be a "cliff-edge" withdrawal from the EU. "She's already squandered millions of pounds of public money on last-minute half-baked planning for a no-deal that was rejected last night", Corbyn said.

Seemingly oblivious to the chaos in London, envoys of the EU's 27 remaining governments meet in Brussels at 3 p.m today to discuss the implementation and legal ratification of the withdrawal agreement struck in November.

A potentially damaging no-deal exit is the default scenario if May's deal is rejected, with the UK's central bank warning that Britain's gross domestic product (GDP) could shrink by up to eight percent in such a scenario. And there is no clear majority in Parliament for any single alternate course. That could yet play into Ms.

However, Mrs May did receive some support on Wednesday when Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte both pledged to try and help her win approval for her Brexit deal next week.

But she has little room to manoeuvre.

The LBC presenter launched the tirade after the House of Commons Speaker sparked a parliamentary row on Wednesday.

Theresa May brings ailing Brexit deal back to Parliament