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Stolen Lottery Scratcher Investigation Reveals $10 Million Winning Ticket

10 January 2019

The man won and thought at first that the ticket was worth $10,000, according to police.

He returned home and shared this wonderful news with his 2 roommates.

The next day, the man took his ticket to the California State Lottery's district office in Sacramento to get his jackpot, only to be told the ticket wasn't a victor and had been altered.

The victim suspected that one of his roommates must have stolen the actual winning ticket and filed a report with the police department.

"The next day his suspicions were proven true when his 35-year-old roommate, Adul Saosongyang, attempted to cash in the winning ticket at the Lottery's Sacramento District Office", the Vacaville Police Department posted on Facebook.

Saosongyang was not able to immediately walk away with the prize money. He was told by lottery officials, however, that the ticket wasn't a victor and had been altered.

A man stole his roommate's winning lottery ticket worth $10million, cops say.

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Meanwhile, Polen, the police spokesman, said lottery officials were discussing the winnings with the victim.

Then in a not-so-amazing coincidence, Saosongyang showed up the next day at the lottery office attempting to cash in that ticket, which, it turns out, was actually worth $10 million.

At this point, lottery authorities didn't know Saosongyang had committed the crime and began the standard investigative process for winners of sums over United States $600.

And the probe quickly dovetailed with the Vacaville Police Department's investigation into the missing lottery ticket.

The Lottery investigator began comparing notes with a Vacaville PD detective on the suspected theft. Lottery officials then invited Saosongyang to its office under the premise of awarding the prize. They both determined that Saosongyang allegedly purchased a similar lottery ticket and altered it before swapping it with the winning ticket, according to authorities. "I guess if you know you've got $10 million waiting for you on the other end of it, you can just pretend everything's okay for a little while".

Saosongyang was arrested for grand theft and booked into Sacramento County Jail.

Stolen Lottery Scratcher Investigation Reveals $10 Million Winning Ticket