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NHL Releases All-Star Game Jerseys, Made From Oceanic Debris

10 January 2019

But rather than have an abundance of colors out on the ice, the league paired up with Adidas to make colorless jerseys. The bottom of the sleeves and bodice have a thin white and thicker heather gray stripe. The black-and-white designs are made to represent the colours of the game - white like the ice and black like the puck.

A new wave of jerseys have arrived in the National Hockey League.

NHL All-Star Weekend will be hosted by the San Jose Sharks this season, taking place January 26 and 27.

As part of a commitment by the league to end marine plastic pollution, the special edition uniforms have been designed using up-cycled marine plastic debris - the first time the NHL has used jerseys from repurposed materials. By spinning a threat into thread, the adidas x Parley partnership gives new objective to plastic bottles (polyester) and other plastic waste intercepted in marine environments.

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Various marine plastic waste materials will be reworked into fibers to help create the materials used in the jerseys.

"We create products tailored for an athlete, their sport, life and world and we're excited to introduce the special-edition Adizero Authentic Pro x Parley jerseys", said Dan Near, senior director of Adidas Hockey, of what he termed "the first-ever environmentally conscious hockey jerseys".

This is the first time the league will use team logos in the All-Star jerseys, as they featured the NHL crest up until past year. "Each year, the NHL All-Star Weekend serves as an opportunity to showcase innovations across all aspects of our game". While the black and white jerseys may not seem all that special, it's the design process that sets these All-Star unis apart from the others. The Parley logo is featured inside the collar.

NHL Releases All-Star Game Jerseys, Made From Oceanic Debris