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More people watched the Democrats' rebuttal to Trump than his actual speech

10 January 2019

NBC was second of the broadcast networks with 7,030,000 total, followed by ABC (4,432,000) and FOX (2,562,000). People who believe Trump is a dire threat to the country think that TV networks should not help spread his propaganda.

So, the late show host wants to do something about it. Kimmel said he'll invite a federal employee to work at Jimmy Kimmel Live! every night until Trump's shutdown ends.

For network executives, tradition and news judgment - the simple idea that this is "a presidential address from the Oval Office" - outweighed concerns about the content.

CBS said Trump will speak for no longer than eight minutes, The Hill reported.

It's unclear exactly what impact Trump's speech (and the Democratic rebuttal) will have on actual policy. Interestingly, the Trump speech from the White House and the Democrats' response from the Capital building were perfectly matched on FNC, which will not be good news to that frequent viewer at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

One CNN chyron read: "Trump: 90% of heroin comes across the Southern border".

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"The networks, I hope, yesterday struggled with the decision to put this on, because he consistently hasn't told the truth".

The late-night funnyman also took aim at the official Democratic response from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, which was widely mocked for their wooden delivery and freaky staging, with the pair squished together behind one podium.

In the past, Trump's talks to the nation have been carefully scrutinized for false information. "Otherwise, they're just passing on his lies unfiltered", Meyers said.

Smith's analysis drew an angry response on Twitter from many of Fox News' conservative fans.

Trump will visit the Capitol on Wednesday to meet with Senate Republicans, and has invited Democratic and Republican congressional leaders to return to the White House to meet with him later that day.

And yet this time around, all the major networks said they'd provide coverage of the speech.

More people watched the Democrats' rebuttal to Trump than his actual speech