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Huawei Unveils New Chipset

10 January 2019

Huawei is keen to show it is pushing ahead with business despite major political headwinds, including the arrest of its CFO in Canada and continued accusations from the USA and others that the company's equipment could be used as a backdoor by the Chinese government to spy on citizens.

Huawei, headquartered in the southern city of Shenzhen, has steadily expanded into new industry segments. "It significantly improves processor performance by optimizing branch prediction algorithms, increasing the number of OP units, and improving the memory subsystem architecture", the company said in its announcement.

Huawei said its new servers with the Kunpeng 920 are created to help process and store large amounts of data. Such technology is the latest in the semiconductor industry and allows for smaller components that are more powerful and energy efficient than their predecessors.

The Kunpeng 920 chip is based on the ARM system used increasingly in smartphones and distributed computing.

Across tests the company has conducted, it claims performance boosts in the realms of floating-point calculations, distributed storage, big data, and Arm-native applications.

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The company will continue to develop the ARM ecosystem, which it finds to have an advantage in terms of performance and power consumption; as it continues with its endeavors in the chipmaking industry. Huawei is not the only company with a 7 nanometer chipset designed for servers.

The launch of the new chipset puts Huawei in direct competition with Advanced Micro Devices Inc and NVIDIA Corp.

"Huawei has invested patiently and intensively in computing innovation to continuously make breakthroughs", Chief Strategy Marketing Officer William Xu said in the statement. We believe that, with the advent of the intelligent society, the computing market will see continuous growth in the future. The development and convergence of ARM-based applications on smart terminals are accelerating, along with cloud-device collaboration. Currently, the diversity of applications and data is driving heterogeneous computing requirements.

William Xu noted. "Today, with Kunpeng 920, we are entering an era of diversified computing embodied by multiple cores and heterogeneity". Xu said that the company, despite the recent move, will continue its long-term strategic partnership with Intel and is not a competitor to the US company's x86 CPUs and servers, but just a complementary. "We will work with our customers and partners to build a fully connected, intelligent world", Xu added.

Huawei Unveils New Chipset