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Foxnext Games Working on Alien Console title After Alien: Blackout

10 January 2019

Additionally, a new now untitled MMO shooter set in the Alien Cinematic Universe is also now in development for consoles and PC.

Apparently, you just can't keep a good biomechanical Xenomorph monster down as today, we got the first details on Alien: Blackout, an upcoming mobile game coming to Android (and iOS) devices on January 24. No further details were provided.

FoxNext Games and D3 Go have announced Alien Blackout for Smartphones. That being said, we could all be proven wrong and this will be a game that will not only surprise us but may very well set a new precedent for how mobile gaming experiences should be tackled.

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This confirmation actually came from within the press release for Alien: Blackout. Outsmart the flawless hunter by making perilous choices.

Although it's possible the new game could ignore this entirely you would've thought using the same character means it is going to be a continuation of some sort. As the Alien hunts you and your crew down you'll have to remotely guide your team using the station's emergency systems, which sounds like this release will contain some strategic gameplay. So here's hoping Alien: Blackout's developers will deliver a quality Alien game on Android. Though pretty much everything the trailer shows is heavily reminiscent of Alien Isolation, which begs the questions as to why the game isn't making its way past mobile devices to launch on home consoles as well. "The uncertainty and unpredictability of both the alien and her crew can impose total defeat for Amanda and the entire station". Alien: Blackout may serve as a (sort-of) sequel to that earlier game. Plus, Fox plans to tell more of Amanda Ripley's story across multiple mediums throughout 2019. Players will be forced to make life or death decisions that could permanently alter the ultimate outcome of the game. Several limited sources of energy can be used to operate a holographic map, motion trackers and surveillance cameras.

Foxnext Games Working on Alien Console title After Alien: Blackout