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China: Exploring outer space for benefit of mankind

10 January 2019

China's recent space mission, the first landing of a probe on the far side of the moon, to give the country global Prestige, national pride and promote the supremacy of the party a new legitimacy.

The ultimate goal is to pave the way for an eventual crewed mission that will see Chinese astronauts land on the Moon for the first time.

Image of the Yutu-2 rover disembarking from the Chang'e-4 mission's lander. It's a self-contained ecosystem, and scientists want to see what might happen to it over time.

These include the Lunar Lander Neutrons and Dosimetry (LND), which will be responsible for exploring the radiation environment in the vicinity of the lander; the Advanced Small Analyzer for Neutrals (ASAN), which will measure energy spectra of energetic neutral atoms originating from reflected solar wind ions; and the Netherlands-China Low-Frequency Explorer (NCLE) on the relay satellite Queqiao. "There's a lot of enthusiasm for the space program in China".

There is now known life elsewhere in our solar system, thanks to the China National Space Administration's Chang'e-4 moon rover.

The far side has been observed many times from lunar orbits, but never explored on the surface.

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The South Pole of the Moon is the area where all the future commercial and science sites are likely to be.

Researchers hope to use the cameras on the satellite to capture asteroids hitting the far side of the moon, said Sun Ji.

The exploration probe landed on the far side of the moon last week in a historic first, bringing with it a 3-kilogram metal canister containing potato and rockcress seeds, as well as silkworm eggs, according to LiveScience. Liu also serves as the experiment's chief director.

"As long as we keep it clean of radio interference, the far side of the moon is very good for radio astronomy", he said.

China's space agency has posted a photo of a lunar rover making tracks on the surface shortly after leaving a spacecraft that had made the first-ever landing on the moon's far side.

China landed a probe on the far facet of the moon on Thursday with remarkably little fanfare, but the feat is one big leap for a nation that's always been considered an additionally-ran within the area race.

China: Exploring outer space for benefit of mankind