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YouTube’s creators hit meme bingo in Rewind 2018

08 December 2018

It's not all lollipops and rainbows, the video even jokes about "Let's read the comments" something people know to avoid when on YouTube.

Viewers have also missed the popular star like PewDiePie who has the highest subscriber base across the world. This time around, however, Youtube Rewind took a different approach: Instead of developing a summary by themselves, Youtube asked some of the platform's biggest figures to "control rewind". But were they in YouTube rewind? This year's list skewed toward professional creators, with one YouTube original mixed in. The lack of these moments reiterates the divide between how the platform wants to be seen and the actual culture that creators participate in. Despite featuring celebrities and famous figures like Will Smith, Ninja, Casey Neistat, and numerous others, Youtube Rewind 2018 fails to capture on some of the most notable events of 2018. Though the trio has begun working on the big screen over the past year so perhaps that's why?

This time around, the Rewind was also properly joined by the tech and animator channels and they all paid tribute to the trending topics of 2018: Powerful women, Kpop, standing up for mental health, and Fortnite. and "Baby Shark". The decision came after a backlash over anti-Semitic content.

YouTube Rewind is culturally significant because it serves as a compressed view of the year from the perspective of a global Internet user. It looks like they aren't the only ones who are disappointed in this year's video.

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"This family, which has 8 million subscribers to their channel, they basically went through a whole bunch of those iconic Fortnite dances and they tried to recreate them in their hallway", Brindle said.

"It is great to witness home-grown content and talents do exceptionally well in the list this year, and it proves that we are more than capable of creating great videos to engage audiences at home and around the region", she added.

An emotional video from popular YouTube vloggers Liza Koshy and David Dobrik gets the number two spot on the Youtube Rewind list.

YouTube’s creators hit meme bingo in Rewind 2018