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Counter-Strike Adds Battle Royale Mode, Goes Free-To-Play

08 December 2018

Valve unexpected updated the game today, introducing a new game mode called "Danger Zone", a smaller variation on the battle royale formula that pits 16 to 18 players against each other. Yes, you read that right! Yes, you can now play CS:GO complete with the new BR mode for free. Danger Zone is, "a fast-paced battle royale game mode built on CS:GO's tactical gameplay where players use their wits, skill, and resources to fight to the finish", Valve said.

CS:GO's shift to being free-to-play instead of a paid-for title could also make a big difference for its future. In an adjustment acknowledging the situation, Valve's latest rework of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive adds both elements to the game that originally launched in 2012 and a series that has been running since CS launched as a Half-Life mod 19 years ago. Seemingly out of nowhere Valve have announced that the game is free for everyone on Steam, with previous owners being upgraded to "Prime" account status and awarded a "commemorative Loyalty Badge".

So will this new update attract players to return to the game? Track opponents' positions, track your deliveries and chart a path to avoid the Danger Zone.

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Those new to CS:GO will have the option to play or pay their way to Prime Status ($14.99 US). But only time will tell if CS:GO's BR mode will get a taste of success. If you queue as a squad of two or three, your match will have up to 18 players. Lab Rats, you need to have Prime Status and earn 250 XP in Danger Zone. In-game cash can be earned by blowing up safes, carrying hostages to rescue zones, and hunting down contracts that give you extra money for taking out a high value target.

Players will also have an arsenal available to them that are already familiar to CS:GO players. Like other battle royale games, Danger Zone players will start off with limited equipment and scavenge the environment for better gear.

Counter-Strike Adds Battle Royale Mode, Goes Free-To-Play