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Brie Larson on the Female Friendship at the Heart of CAPTAIN MARVEL

07 December 2018

It is also the first Marvel film to be helmed by a woman, and is co-directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. Annette Bening appears as the Kree who rescued Danvers so she could live "longer, stronger, superior".

Well, Twitter user @harleivy absolutely took that statement as a challenge, because she managed to ramp the trailer from brilliant into... utterly and ridiculously epic. And to tide you all over until then, a brand new poster has arrived - one bursting with vibrant colours and cosmic rays.

The second trailer of 2019's Captain Marvel has been shared by Marvel Studios.

The film, which opens March 8, 2019, is the 21st entry in Marvel's ongoing Cinematic Universe.

We did like the mini reveals the trailer gave us; the hint about Jude Law's character being a Kree villain, the easter egg of Fury meeting Carol's cat (which could be an alien!) and of course, Marvel's binary form.

The New 'Captain Marvel' Trailer Is Here And It's Insane
The official trailer for 'Captain Marvel' is here and it shows off a younger Samuel L. Jackson

The film is primarily set in 1995, and will plunge viewers into the Kree-Skrull war - a major conflict from Marvel's comics.

There are also scenes where Danvers gets a peek at her file, with photos of her past life as a pilot, telling Fury that she, 'had a life here'. "Something in my past is the key to all of this", Danvers says, sure that she will find out who she truly is. Fans would have to wait a few more weeks after that to see Avengers 4 as well.

The action in the new trailer shows Captain Marvel in plenty of battle scenes and Larson says she trained for nearly a year to get in shape for the role. And she gets unintentionally involved in their war. "If anyone tells you different don't trust them".

Funko, the incredibly hot collectible company who makes everyone's favorite cartoony bobble-heads released their Captain Marvel line of Pop! figures.

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Brie Larson on the Female Friendship at the Heart of CAPTAIN MARVEL