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Luxembourg aims to make all public transportation free by 2020

06 December 2018

Trains, tram and bus fares will all be lifted from 2020 in the 999 sq mile European nation, under ambitious government proposals.

In a bid to do away with its traffic woes and keep up with its promises of social welfare, the Xavier Bettel-led government in Luxembourg has made a decision to provide free public transport to commuters.

Luxembourg City, the capital of the tiny, landlocked European country bears the infamy of being one of the worst traffic congestion-hit cities in the world.

The move to make all public transport in Luxembourg free is aimed at reducing the country's traffic congestion. A study published in 2016 found that drivers in Luxembourg City, the Grand Duchy's capital, spent an average of 33 hours stuck in traffic every year.

If Luxembourg's newly elected government keeps its campaign promises, residents will be able to use public transportation for free, spend the money saved on legal cannabis, and smoke it on two new public holidays.

Most people working in the city commute from the neigbouring countries and are set to benefit from the free public transport system.

Luxembourg to make public transport free for all
Luxembourg To Make All Public Transport Free Across The Country

While the country as a whole has 600,000 inhabitants, almost 200,000 people living in France, Belgium and Germany cross the border every day to work in Luxembourg.

There is already free transport for under 20s while secondary school students can use free shuttles between schools and their homes.

Currently, commuters only have to pay €2 (about P120) for up to two hours of travel, the report stated.

There are a few issues to be sorted out before fares are abolished, such as what to do about first- and second-class train compartments.

However, because the Greens gained, the three parties in government have 31 seats in the 60-seat chamber.

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Luxembourg aims to make all public transportation free by 2020