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Jake Gyllenhaal joins Instagram and announces he's in Spider-Man

06 December 2018

Jake Gyllenhaal has officially confirmed that he will be playing Mysterio in the upcoming film Spider-Man: Far From Home. But now at last, it seems we have confirmation, from the horse's (evil magician's) mouth.

The eight-second video shows Gyllenhaal holding up Amazing Spider-Man #311 (a classic), which featured Mysterio's return to the Wall-Crawler's life.

Here's Gyllenhaal's post on Instagram (his very first!), where he realises he's not playing Spider-Man... But marketing these films without spoiling the most important one of the three will be hard, a new report notes, and Sony is already hiding potential Avengers 4 spoilers from Spider-Man 2 marketing. "That's what it feels like when you're working".

His appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home marks the character's live-action debut. It's now unclear which incarnation of Mysterio Gyllenhaal will be portraying.

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Mysterio is a special effects expert who commits crimes and fights Spider-Man using elaborate illusions, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Tom Holland starred as the Marvel hero in Spider-Man: Homecoming and recently appeared in Avengers: Infinity War. Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers, two of the screenwriters behind the first movie, are back as well.

But, with a sequel on the way, it's more than likely that Peter Parker, and several of the other Avengers who were killed, will somehow be returning in "Avengers 4" (theoretically with some help from "Captain Marvel"), setting things up for "Spider-Man: Far From Home" - which hits theaters on July 5, 2019.

Jake Gyllenhaal joins Instagram and announces he's in Spider-Man