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Fortnite has exceeded 8.3 million concurrent players

12 November 2018

Epic Games' Battle Royale Fortnite launched in Korea this week.

The train keeps rolling for Epic Games' hit battle royale. We know that the game has around 80 million players logging in to build walls and shoot people every single month - but we don't know how many players are generally playing at any given time.

Are you one of the 8.3 million active players? The fact they've more than doubled that number and the servers haven't had any major problems in a long time is a phenomenal achievement.

South Korean players were encouraged to play Fortnite from PC Bang cafes, an internet cafe chain that has been integrated into the game's map for special PC Bang challenges throughout the week.

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We all know that Epic's Fortnite is unfathomably popular. For general Fortnite news, keep an eye on its website.

Believing a player named IcyFive had stream sniped him, Ninja reported the player for stream sniping but later apologized after massive backlash from the Fortnite community.

The game's popularity has soared over the previous year and the move to partner with the National Football League is only generating more buzz around the game.

Fortnite has exceeded 8.3 million concurrent players