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Jo Johnson quits and calls for a second referendum

11 November 2018

Speaking a day after Jo Johnson quit the government and called for a fresh vote on Brexit, Fox said Johnson was an excellent transport minister.

In a video on Twitter, Johnson said the United Kingdom was "barrelling" towards an incoherent Brexit, leaving the nation "trapped" in an subordinate relationship to the European Union.

"Instead of "in Europe but not run by Europe", we will be out of Europe and yet wholly subject to European rules".

His brother Boris, who quit as foreign secretary in July, praised his decision, saying the brothers were "united in dismay" at the Prime Minister's handling of the negotiations.

In an article sent to journalists, the MP for Orpington said he would vote against the withdrawal agreement which the prime minister was trying to agree with the European Union, describing it as "a awful mistake".

Cabinet ministers have been visiting 10 Downing St this week to see details of the government's plan for the "divorce deal" and subsequent trading and customs relationship with the EU.

"Indeed, the choice being presented to the British people is no choice at all".

The former transport minister accused the Brexit campaign - which was led, in part, by his brother Boris - of offering the public "a false prospectus" that bears little resemblance to the reality of the deal that the prime minister is to present to parliament.

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In contrast to his brother, however, Mr Johnson voted Remain in the European Union referendum, and is now pushing for a second vote on leaving the bloc.

Johnson said Brussels offered Britain a chose between "vassalage and chaos" and that the document was "a failure of British statecraft on a scale unseen since the Suez crisis". The better alternative, he believes, is to have another vote on whether the people want to actually leave now when they know the cost they will have to pay.

The former Remainer has been unable to embrace the possibilities offered by a clean "No Deal" Brexit in which Britain would deal with the European Union as a third country on standard World Trade Organisation terms, however, claiming this would mean "chaos".

"I think that MPs, MEPs too. will be looking at what that deal says", the Cabinet Office minister said.

"I think then people will need to ask themselves what is it that is going to be in the best interests of those who sent them to Westminster to represent them, to ensure that we maintain living standards and investment and prosperity and employment in our country", Lidington added.

They also suggested he had been privately supporting the work of anti-Brexit campaign group, People's Vote, "for some time" despite being a government minister.

It casts further doubt on Mrs May's chances of pushing her Brexit deal through the Commons.

"He has not done that".