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Fox says United Kingdom may not get a deal with the EU

11 November 2018

His former foreign secretary brother may have been on the opposite side of the Brexit divide, but Boris Johnson has voiced his "boundless admiration" for him.

His brother followed in his footsteps yesterday by announcing his resignation as transport minister.

The sterling which had traded as high as 1.3072 against the US Dollar slipped to 1.2969 at the NY close and to 0.8742 versus the euro having been as high as 0.8692, just two points above Thursday's six month sterling top of 0.8682.

Cabinet ministers have presented Theresa May with a detailed plan for a no-deal Brexit amid increasing fears MPs will vote down her deal in the House of Commons.

"I've done so, if others feel that it's right for them to do so, good on them".

He said the public should be given the chance to vote again on whether they want Brexit, and if so whether they accept what is on offer or choose to leave without a deal.

"And thank God Jo has come out today with a bit of sanity".

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UK Transport Minister Jo Johnson resigned on 9 November after calling the government's Brexit plan a "terrible mistake".

Mr Johnson voted to remain in the 2016 EU Referendum and is now backing the campaign for a People's Vote.

"It is a sad loss for Government, but Brexit is above party politics".

He said it was an important message to all Conservative MPs who are "not saying what they think".

He added that, given Brexit had "turned out to be so far from what was once promised, the democratic thing to do is to give the public the final say".

Speaking to Matt Frei, Stanley Johnson reiterated that Jo resigned because the government is not delivering Brexit and because he can not support the Brexit plan "in honesty". "My priority is really just to do my best as a now backbench MP to try and encourage the country to pause and reflect before we do something that is irrevocably stupid", Johnson said.

He insisted that the the United Kingdom must be able to make the judgement alone, deeming a decision between Dublin and the European Union a failure to deliver "instruction from our voters" given by the referendum.

Fox says United Kingdom may not get a deal with the EU