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Are you happy with the outcome of the US midterm election?

11 November 2018

Despite losses in the lower chamber of Congress, president Donald Trump declared the midterm election a "tremendous success" as Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate, paving the way for a divided Congress.

Trump, an expert in politically-manipulative communication, is nearly guaranteed to bash the Democratic-controlled House for every problem he faces - and with two years until the next election, this is a message that many of his supporters will be receptive to.

While Republicans held the house, they regularly voted down attempts to unearth Trump's tax records.

Republicans built on their slim Senate majority by several seats and ousted four incumbent Democrats: Bill Nelson in Florida, Joe Donnelly in Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota and Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

As the minority party in the Senate, Democrats might need some Republican support to have legal standing to sue Trump under the Appointments Clause, said Andrew Wright, who was a White House lawyer under former President Barack Obama.

The 2020 election year will see President Trump on the ballot, an extremely hard Senate map for Republicans, several more states that are not under full GOP control, and quite possibly a much less favorable economic environment. "But it may seem that way because we are coming off a two-year drought of no subpoenas", said Representative Gerald Connolly of Virginia, the top Democrat on the Oversight subcommittee on government operations.

Suing for Trump's tax returns, which he did not release during the 2016 election, "is one of the first things we'd do - that's the easiest thing in the world". In pressing for what he views as better trade terms for America, he has imposed import tariffs and pushed Canada and Mexico into agreeing an overhaul of the NAFTA trade accord.

Trump's 53% approval in IN underperforms his more than 57% support there in 2016.

Mouin Rabbani, an independent Palestinian analyst, says he expects very little impact on Trump's Middle East policies.

Trump on Wednesday named Matthew Whitaker to replace former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was forced out after months of attacks by Trump for rescuing himself from an ongoing probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

"So that the public can see what's happening and how it affects them and that they can weigh in with the members of Congress and with the President of the United States".

Tripple Explosion, Heavy Gunfire In Somalia, Mogadishu Near CID Headquarters
Security forces shot dead four gunmen who tried to storm through a hole in the hotel's wall but did not succeed in entering. Somalia has been engulfed by violence and lawlessness since dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was toppled in the early 1990s.

Financial markets often favor Washington gridlock because it preserves the status quo and reduces uncertainty, even though many in the market this time around had been hoping for a continuation of the Republican agenda.

The elections also exposed an extraordinary political realignment in an electorate defined by race, gender, and education that could shape US politics for years to come.

"With the Democrats taking over the House we will now have to see what gridlock in Congress means for policy".

But by retaining control of the Senate, Republicans will preserve the ability to confirm Trump's judicial nominations and other key appointments.

There may be some room to work with Democrats on issues with bipartisan support such as an infrastructure improvement package or protections against prescription drug price increases.

"I don't think anyone deserves anything", Mrs. Pelosi said in response to the president's comments. According to the latest media reports, Republicans hold a 52-44 seat majority in the Senate. Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is projected to keep his seat there, but Republican Mike DeWine holds a lead over Democrat Richard Cordray there. NBC News puts the current vote count at 99% reporting with DeSantis 4,052,246, Gillum 3,996,906 - a difference of 55,340 votes out of over 8 million.

The president spent the final days and weeks of the midterm cycle mostly campaigning for GOP Senate and gubernatorial candidates in battleground states.

In Arizona, where Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally are locked in a dead heat, Trump's approval is 52%, with 47% who disapprove.

Trump denies any collusion and has long denounced Mueller's investigation as a witch hunt. It also serves as a trial court if a federal official is impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors" by the House. Democratic favorite Conor Lamb, who stunned Washington by winning a special election in the state, beat Republican Rep. Keith Rothfus in a new district. The party picked up seats across the map but some of the campaign's biggest Democratic stars lost. Challenger Beto O'Rourke raised almost $70 million.

Relatives of the first Palestinian-American woman elected to the U.S. Congress are cheering in the Michigan Democrat's ancestral West Bank village of Beit Ur al-Foqa.

Are you happy with the outcome of the US midterm election?