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Microsoft Word gets AI-powered to-do lists and collaboration feature

10 November 2018

With this in mind, new technology for Microsoft Word helps users avoid those distractions. For example, if you write "TODO: finish this section" or "insert closing here" Word will turn them into to-do lists it tracks.

Many times, when users get distracted and need to come back to a document, picking up where they left off can be hard.

Eventually, Microsoft says Office will automatically use AI to fill in "many" of these placeholder messages, though only time will tell how well that will work out.

On the off chance that you type things like "todo" or " insert something here " in a Word document, Editor will perceive the content and make a list dependent on the things. To navigate to a to-do in the document, just select it in the list. It's also worth noting that the Microsoft To-Do app has a featured called shared lists created to let users collaborate on a lineup of tasks. The beta form of the element is accessible for some Office for Mac Insiders beginning today and will take off to Windows testers in the coming weeks.

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Word also uses @mentions ("at mentions") so that you can tag collaborators in a document so that they can be notified and go immediately to where help is needed in a placeholder. Word will send them an email notification with a "deep link" to the relevant place in the document. "Soon, they'll be able to reply to the notification with their contributions, and those contributions will be inserted directly into the document-making it easy to complete the task with an email from any device". For example, if an entry on the list mentions a chart, a future version of Word will be able to list all available charts and allow you to quickly pick one from the list without leaving the document.

Office Insider for Mac has two speeds: Insider Fast and Insider Slow.

Microsoft said it would release the feature on Word for Windows, Mac and web very soon to all Office 365 subscribers.

Microsoft Word gets AI-powered to-do lists and collaboration feature