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Samsung reveals foldable phone, Latest World News

09 November 2018

Smartphone manufacturers are finally starting to take mobile gaming seriously - and Samsung is arguably leading the pack.

At the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, Justin Denison, a senior vice president of mobile product marketing, withdrew a prototype of what has so far been called the Galaxy F from the inside pocket of his suit.

The unfolded screen of the upcoming phone is bigger than Samsung's biggest smartphone, the Note9, which is 6.4 inches, and the iPhone XS Max at 6.5 inches. The company famously partnered with Epic Games this year to bring the insanely popular Fortnite to its tablets and smartphones.

Bixby Marketplace: The Bixby platform will allow developers to adapt their capsules from mobile phones and televisions to home appliances and other products across the Samsung ecosystem. The Infinity O display, meanwhile, sits offset to the left side of the screen.

One UI's "clean and minimal design keeps the most relevant content on the bottom half of the screen - making it more natural and comfortable for one-handed use", said Samsung in a release.

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Although the headline-grabbing announcement from today's Samsung Developer Conference was its new foldable smartphone display, the company also revealed a few updates to its Bixby virtual assistant that make it quite a bit smarter. At SDC 2018, Samsung showed developers new ways to bring a more conversational, personal and useful intelligent assistant experience to more consumers. This will make it easier for developers to connect their devices and services to the platform via new tools including the SmartThings Cloud Connector, SmartThings Device Kit and SmartThings Hub Connector.

Samsung Electronics has unveiled its much-anticipated foldable phone in San Francisco, urging Android developers to start writing apps for it.

Also on November 7, Google announced Android support for this new foldable smartphone form factor, so the starting software support is in place and is expected to continue over time. Royole said it would start filling orders late next month. Huawei CEO Richard Yu confirmed recently that the Chinese giant, now the world's second-largest smartphone vendor after Samsung, was working on foldable 5G phones.

Developers will be able to create Bixby Capsules using the Bixby Developer Studio. And it has tough and entrenched competition in Siri, Google, Cortana, Alexa in other devices. Think of the capsules like Skills for Amazon's Alexa.

Bixby will also be launching in five new languages in the coming months: French, German, Italian, Spanish and British English.

Samsung reveals foldable phone, Latest World News