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Chrome 71 will block all ads for abusive websites automatically

09 November 2018

Due to be released early December, Google Chrome version 71 will offer a setting created to discourage websites from trying to trick you with misleading advertisements, Google announced in a blog post. Google launched tools to deal with many of those issues in Chrome a year ago, however, the company says the tools didn't go far enough.

Google monitored the effectiveness of the implementation in Chrome and revealed yesterday that Chrome caught only half of the abusive experiences with the implemented set of protections. Chrome 71, with the new ad-blocking features, will launch in December 2018.

The site goes on to report that the new version of Chrome is trying to attack that problem by going after website owners that publish such content, effectively hitting them in the pocketbook by potentially deep-sixing all ads from their site and removing a source of revenue for them.

This isn't the initial step by Google to make the user experience of web perusing more secure with Chrome. Chrome users can also override Google's ad blocking should they choose to. "So are ads that are created to mislead or trick users into interacting with them", Google notes. Google will give them a 30-day window to take corrective action on flagged experiences.

In November 2017, Google implemented in Google Chrome several protections against so-called "trick to click" that tried to redirect Internet users to unvisited sites to earn money through ads or identity theft.

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Google is promising to punish sites that offer what the company calls "abusive experiences". Abusive ads will also create fake system notifications luring the user into downloading viruses.

Chrome is already making efforts to increase user experience and security against unwanted website behaviors.

Google classifies abusive behavior as web site activities that includes being deceptive, lead to mistaken ad clicks, install malware or other unwanted programs, perform phishing, or display unwanted popups or redirects.

Google actually tried to block the pesky ads with an update to Chrome earlier this year.

Chrome 71 will block all ads for abusive websites automatically