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Women, and Especially Women of Color, Made History Last Night

08 November 2018

Once you add those to the handful of women Senators and Governors who did not have to face the electorate in these midterms (as only some positions were contested), the proportion of women now in power goes up to around 22 per cent. Others, like Massachusetts' Ayanna Pressley, were political veterans. She is also openly lesbian, in a state that is traditionally conservative. And the vast majority of them ran as Democrats helping to give the Democratic Party control of the House.

They mobilised on the grassroots level and played larger roles as donors than in previous election cycles. Debra Haaland from New Mexico's 1st Congressional District joins Sharice Davids from Kansas' 3rd Congressional District in becoming the first Native American woman to serve in Congress. Davids is also the first LGBT person to represent Kansas.

Before this election we had zero, not one member of an 18-seat congressional delegation that was a woman.

"Now, listen, I know for a fact none of us ran to make history, we ran to make change".

Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids became the first Native American woman elected to Congress, defeating Republican incumbent Kevin Yoder.

A swath of candidates broke down barriers with victories in Tuesday's midterm elections - sending seismic shifts through the halls of Congress and across state-level contests.

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Last night, Donna Brazille, a strategist on CNN said a record number of 38 women of color will be serving in Congress (35 Democrats, three Republicans).

The first Muslim women have been elected to Congress, with Democrat Rashida Tlaib winning in MI and Ilhan Omar winning in Minnesota. "In 1984, I was attending the U.S. Air Force Academy and told my first flight instructor that I was going to be a fighter pilot". Research shows that women are more likely to raise policies related to women's health and family than men. She and Hayes are the first black women elected to congress from New England.

(3) Marsha Blackburn became the first female US Senator from Tennessee.

"On the Democratic side, these races were viewed not only as a referendum on President Donald Trump, but also, in many cases, on his version of identity politics, which in its final days played to the fears of his base, a group that is largely white, male and Christian".

With black candidates in several high-profile races - including gubernatorial candidates Andrew Gillum of Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia - voters nationally said by 71-24 percent it's important to elect more racial and ethnic minorities to public office and 44 percent say it's very important.

Ilhan Omar, a Somali refugee, won a House seat in a heavily Democratic district in Minneapolis, where she will succeed Keith Ellison, himself the first Muslim elected to Congress.

Women, and Especially Women of Color, Made History Last Night