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Usyk tells Bellew: A little less conversation, a little more action

08 November 2018

"As we've seen Bellew can counter-punch and he's got a dirty left hook, and if he can land that I think he'll do well". After all, if I can carry it with its monstrous kick early in the fight, it will be for me a disaster - I'll have to pursue a career. I know he will, because Bellew is a massive puncher.

After stopping Ilunga Makubu in May 2016, Bellew claimed the WBC cruiserweight title, defending it once by halting BJ Flores, and then was granted "emeritus" status after he moved up to heavyweight for domestic clashes with David Haye. I wasn't good enough to win an Olympic gold - my style wasn't right - but I've stayed with it.

Either way, Usyk should retain his belts, highlighting his domination in the Cruiserweight division, thus setting up a new chapter as he seeks the same success at Heavyweight. I used to be a light-heavyweight, and I'm much faster than cruiserweight.

If it was me going into the ring against Usyk, a tricky southpaw, I would not press the fight that much, I'd look for the movement. Then, from an entertaining point of view, Usyk is like a flawless boxer, so I hope Bellew is working on his counter-punches as well, because that's the way to knock him out - let him tippy-tap and then explode. "If he does, you're in for the best night of fighting ever".

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Bellew goes into the fight on Saturday as a 4/1 underdog against the unbeaten champion. He has a lot more faults than Lomachenko. Lomachenko probably punches harder than Usyk [for his weight] so he doesn't have to be as exciting as Usyk and doesn't have to take as many risks. He has a couple of extra attributes that make the world of difference.

I rate Bellew highly, I rate all British boxers highly and they're all stepping up to the plate. He has faults but I have many more faults than him. If he does win, I can fight him up at cruiserweight and beat him as a cruiserweight for the titles.

"David Haye was a better fighter than me, but it's not about the better fighter because the better fighter does not always win".

Usyk tells Bellew: A little less conversation, a little more action