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Some Android apps will soon update even while still in use

08 November 2018

You can completely customise the update flow so it feels like part of your app. After the user opens an app, a full-screen prompt to update is launched that prevents users from using the app until it has been updated. Originally created to help Android users in certain countries that do not have a lot of storage on their mobile devices, the app was quickly adopted worldwide.

Google is giving Android developers a new application programming interface (API) that lets them force users into updating to the latest version of their app.

In order to give users and Android developers more controls to ensure the App compatibility across all devices, Google has added new In-app Updates API to the Android system. The In-app Updates API is being tested with Android's early access partners, and will soon be distributed to all developers.

Anyway, given its success-the app is used by over 30 million users each month-Google is rebranding Files Go to Files by Google.

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The latest Android Developers blog celebrates ten-years of Android and includes the introduction of the just announced support for foldable displays.

Google also rolled out Instant discovery that allows to easily adopt the new kind of apps. But this is about to change, now that Google is introducing a new API for Android. Another neat reveal coming out of the Android Dev Summit, however, is a feature that will allow users to continue using Android apps while they're being updated.

Overall, it's a good package of announcements that Google went live at Android Developers summit.

Some Android apps will soon update even while still in use