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Dems on track to win control of House

08 November 2018

At a combative news conference Wednesday, Trump said that what happened at the polls Tuesday was "very close to a complete victory" - despite counter-campaigning by Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

Mr Trump hailed "tremendous success" and an "incredible day" for his party in Tuesday's elections.

For example, Cummings and other Democratic lawmakers previous year filed a federal lawsuit demanding disclosures of records to determine how Trump was approved by the General Services Administration to maintain the lease of the Trump International Hotel in Washington after he became president.

"All year long, Democrats talked optimistically about a blue wave that they believed was building around the country, one powerful enough to flip control of the House and even, against the odds, put the Senate in play as well". "All you are going to do is end up in back and forth and back and forth".

"I'm not looking at this as revenge", the Lowell Democrat said. When they asked how the Trump Organisation arrived at the US$151,470 in profits it paid back to the Treasury for foreign stays at his hotels, they got silence.

Investigations could gridlock a White House already besieged by the Russian Federation collusion investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, heavily bogging down the administration's agenda and foiling Mr Trump's message. The president may say he wants "unity and peace and love" - but it's clear it will have to be on his terms. "This must begin immediately, and if not, then a Democratic Congress will make this a priority in January", he said.

At one point during the press conference, a visibly angry Trump branded CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta a "rude, awful person" and an "enemy of the people" in a testy exchange. He called CNN's Jim Acosta, with whom he has frequently spared, "a rude, awful person".

"At the end of the day, ME people don't care which party you identify with, they just want someone who is honest, believes in our state and vows to do what they say they'll do", Jackson said.

Trump said he is "looking at different people for different positions", adding that "it is very common after the midterms".

In addition to his conversation with Pelosi, Trump called Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, as well as other candidates he backed during the race, the White House said.

According to projections by The New York Times, Democrats will have 229 seats in the 435-member House while Republicans will hold 53 seats in the 100-member upper chamber of Congress, up from 51.

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In the Rustbelt/Midwest Democrats won Senate races in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wyoming by large margins; and also won governor's races in and Michigan and Minnesota by very large margins.

The result left Washington braced for the prospects of partisan warfare, with the Democrats poised take over House committees, giving them the power to hold hearings, call witnesses and issue subpoenas to administration officials.

Democrats will also have to balance legislative ambitions with their efforts to satisfy the desires of their base to investigate the president.

"There was another guy who lost a Senate race and was elected President two years later", Sabato said.

The US and Saudi Arabia have always been key allies, and Trump made the country his first stop overseas as president.

Fresh off their takeover of the U.S. House, Democrats now must fight their own internal battles to decide the fate of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and whether to pursue aggressive investigations and the possible impeachment of President Trump.

But without overwhelming numbers, Democrats will not have the strength to push numerous initiatives their left flank ran on: a single-payer health care system, boldly expanded college access and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that is at least reined in.

Almost 40 per cent of voters cast their ballots to express opposition to the president, according to AP VoteCast, the national survey of the electorate, while one-in-four said they voted to express support for Trump.

"Hopefully, we can all work together next year to continue delivering for the American people, including on economic growth, infrastructure, trade, lowering the cost of prescription drugs". She became a progressive star after her upset primary victory over Republican Joseph Crowley, a high-ranking House Democrat.

Republicans in this midterm benefited from having only nine seats up for grabs in the senate, compared to 26 for Democrats and the Independents who caucus with them.

Dems on track to win control of House