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Boeing issues advice on plane sensor after 737 Max jet crash

08 November 2018

"The investigation into Lion Air Flight 610 is ongoing and Boeing continues to cooperate fully and provide technical assistance at the request and under the direction of government authorities investigating the accident", the statement said.

The US Federal Aviation Administration issued an emergency airworthiness directive on how to handle erroneous data from a sensor that investigators believe malfunctioned on a new Boeing jet that plunged into the sea in Indonesia, killing all 189 people on board.

Now Boeing is warning pilots and airlines, including Air Canada and WestJet, that they could experience similar issues with their Boeing 737 Max planes, the same model as the Lion Air plane that crashed. One of the critical ways a plane determines if a stall is imminent is the angle of attack measurement.

Bloomberg had reported earlier that Boeing was set to issue a warning to companies using 737 Max airplanes about flight-information systems.

The official said that if the condition is not addressed, it could cause the flight crew to have difficulty in controlling the airplane.

Boeing has sent 219 737 MAX jets to customers globally, with 4,564 orders for jets yet to be delivered.

The Chicago-based manufacturer said investigators probing the crash of Flight JT610, in which all 189 on board were killed, had found that one of the "angle of attack" sensors on the brand new plane had provided incorrect readings. The Boeing bulletin only reminds operators of the plane to follow the procedure and doesn't require any physical fixes that could take the aircraft out of service.

"The draft of what will be conveyed by Boeing this morning has been presented to us", said air accident investigator Nurcahyo Utomo.

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An artist's conception shows the Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet.

Data extracted from the flight recorders revealed that the aircraft experienced problems with airspeed indicators during its last four flights.

"When there was a problem, the pilot would write it down and the mechanic would do (a repair).Then the plane would be declared airworthy".

The plane is the latest generation of Boeing's workhorse narrowbody aircraft, with more than 200 delivered since it entered service previous year and a total of 4,700 orders placed by airlines around the world.

Lion Air is one of Indonesia's youngest airlines but has grown rapidly, flying to dozens of domestic and global destinations.

Indonesian officials said on Wednesday they would extend the search by three days.

Batik Air passenger Romidi Karnawan told CNN Indonesia that his flight to Jakarta, which was scheduled to take off at around 6pm, was delayed for about an hour. The data from the flight recorder and Boeing's statement have provided the first clues, but rescuers are still searching for the device that records voices in the plane's cockpit.

Boeing issues advice on plane sensor after 737 Max jet crash