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The Hubble telescope recorded galactic "smiley"

07 November 2018

The picture was taken using the WFC3 camera of the Hubble telescope.

Outer space can be an intimidating and downright frightening thing to contemplate, which is why it helps to encounter a friendly face once in a while. In an image posted on the NASA web page, two yellow orbits can be seen over an arc of light painting a smiling face in the middle of an ocean of stars. "Its light passed close to a massive object on the way to us, with the result that it became distorted and stretched", reported NASA astronomers. To improve the quality of image NASA employees increased image resolution wideband camera Wide Field Camera 3. The gravity of the nearby galaxies bends and magnifies the light coming from distant galaxies, making them look brighter and larger than they actually are.

Hubble has taken a few photos showcasing banana-shaped arcs of light from across the universe. The arc is caused by an effect known as gravitational lensing.

The Hubble Space telescope has spotted a formation of galaxies that resembles a smiling face in the sky. Stars are born out of giant clouds of gas which eventually grow unstable, collapsing under gravity. The lifetime of the young stars is very small in astronomical terms - just a few million years.

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NASA hopes to analyze the luminosity, the size, and the rate of formation of stars in different stellar nurseries from various points in time throughout the universe.

The Hubble telescope returned to normal operations on October 26 after successfully recovering a backup gyroscope replacing a failed in October.

Scientists Agency NASA space telescope has recorded the structure, which is very similar to a smile, said "NV" with reference to Science Alert.

The Hubble telescope recorded galactic