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Slurpee and go: 7-Eleven introduces mobile checkout

07 November 2018

Customers check out using Apple Pay, Google Pay or a traditional debit or credit card.

U.S. convenience retail brand 7-Eleven is set to pilot a new Scan & Pay feature that will enable customers to browse and shop at branches without having to check out with a cashier. The program also enables customers to automatically earn and redeem any available 7Rewards points or coupons.

"Scan & Pay" is meant to build customer loyalty in the 7-Eleven brand by allowing customers to skip lines and the headaches that come with them, said Gurmeet Singh, chief digital officer and chief information officer at 7-Eleven. How can we make every 7-Eleven a breeze?

The news from 7-Eleven comes a week after Sam's Club announced it was opening a cashier-less store in Dallas, called Sam's Club Now. Amazon's futuristic store uses a variety of technology to automatically detect what the customer chooses and charge their account when they leave. Once the payment goes through, the app will give customers a QR code that they'll have to scan at a confirmation station before leaving the store.

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7-Eleven has 67,000-plus stores in 17 countries, including 11,800 in North America, according to the company. More than 60 percent of stores are franchised.

Retail chain 7-Eleven is launching a self-checkout feature so customers can bypass the cashier on the way out of the store.

With consumers' increasingly on-the-go lifestyles and growing demand for products and services that save them time, convenience stores and other smaller-format stores count among bright spots in the brick-and-mortar sector. The scan-and-go technology requires the user to get involved. "How do they onboard, and how do they use it?" said Singh. Also in a move that's reflective of the broader market trend, Singh said 7-Eleven has hired more digital product managers, software engineers and data scientists schooled in artificial intelligence and machine learning to design better customer experience.

Slurpee and go: 7-Eleven introduces mobile checkout