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Rockstar Is Addressing RDR2 Camp Issue

07 November 2018

Open-world games are expansive adventures rife with stunning journeys and yes - even bugs.

What just happened? Red Dead Redemption 2's invisible barriers and land masses were no match for gamers determined to explore south of the border. One glitch in particular has major characters disappearing from the camp during a certain part of the game.

However, the map is largely empty and features only a few placeholder buildings, with the full map - as originally promised by Rockstar Games - coming down internet connections at a later date, either as a bonus or, more likely, downloadable content (DLC). According to Rockstar, a fix is on the way.

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Players have been reporting over the past week or so that a number of Arthur Morgan's pals, such as Sadie Alder and John Marston, have vanished during Red Dead 2's second chapter. If you have already completed the mission after using the "Retry Checkpoint" option, the missing characters will not be present until the start of Chapter 4.

Rockstar's workaround is for players to simply abandon and restart the mission if they fail it.

"In order to experience all vignettes and conversations, players must complete the "Polite Society, Valentine Style" mission without using Retry Checkpoint".

The developer notes a permanent fix is in the works and will be included in a future patch, though it didn't provide a timeframe for the update.

Rockstar Is Addressing RDR2 Camp Issue