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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Has Lots of Plans for November

07 November 2018

Sharing the details of the level cap increase in a video update for November, Assassin's Creed Odyssey's live content director Bruno Guerin confirmed that the level cap will be increased by at least 20 levels in an update coming sometime this month. The second Lost Tale of Greece, called Divine Intervention, will have you meeting a mysterious woman who puts you through a series of divine trials. There's a good variety of questing here, and once you have reached episode five they will show up as yellow side quests on your map, so there is no rush to complete them. You can unlock rewards, and Ubisoft warns that you may want to keep a save before you take on a quest so that you can see the different outcomes. A new quest named The Lightning Bringer will appear in your quest log and will take you to the one-eyed monster.

More Epic Events are in the works as well featuring Epic Mercenaries and Epic Ships, for those over level 30. A new Odysseus Pack will add new gear, a new mount, and another weapon, while an Odysseus Naval Pack will include a new ship design, crew theme, and figurehead.

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'Later this month we will increase the level cap by no less than 20 levels, ' said Ubisoft. For those who've already exceeded the current 50 levels, the extra XP you've already earned will be converted into ability points, so you don't take too much of a hit.

CUSTOMIZATION:We are excited to share that in an upcoming title update, we will add a visual customization system that allows you to add a visual layer on top of your gear.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Has Lots of Plans for November