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Watch Here: Ryan Reynolds Goes After Hugh Jackman in Mock Political Ad

06 November 2018

So if you have to watch one political ad this month, make sure it's Ryan Reynolds' hilarious takedown of famed film rival Hugh Jackman.

He states that Jackman's full name isn't just "Hugh Jackman", but "Hugh Michael Jackman", adding that the Wolverine actor is actually from Milwaukee - a dubious claim, given that all evidence points to him having been born in Sydney, Australia.

Reynolds said while Jackman speaks with a charming accent, he's actually from Milwaukee.

Moreover, in Ryan's view, the actor contributed to the unemployment rate because he walked "off the job on Wolverine".

'Is this the type of fantastic actor and nice person you want delivering a preachy liberal speech this awards season? The man is one of the best at trolling his fellow celebs and he holds back for absolutely no one - including his own wife.

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The video then shows an image of Reynolds. In the video, he says "think before you vote" - nothing too subtle there, eh?

In The Front Runner, which opens in theaters on November 21, Jackman portrays Colorado Senator Gary Hart who was considered the frontrunner for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination. The faux ad, the latest incident in the long-running Canadian-Australian cold war, reveals all sorts of (totally made-up) facts about Jackman, but also lends support for the Oscar-nominated actor's upcoming role in The Front Runner.

Reynolds and Jackman played Deadpool and Wolverine, respectively, in the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. High voice or not, Beckham has a lot of lady fans, due, in part, to his modeling campaign with the company, H & M. Deadpool didn't care, however.

This isn't the first time that the two have taken their bromance public.

The 2016 Deadpool reboot was a box office smash however, with their online banter a significant component of the film's unusual publicity campaign.

Watch Here: Ryan Reynolds Goes After Hugh Jackman in Mock Political Ad