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Drug-impaired driving concerns as Canada legalises cannabis

18 October 2018

(Officials warn travelers not to try it.) Meanwhile, those with past convictions for 30 grams or less will be fast-tracked for pardon, officials say.

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"What happened at the very beginning of what they did is exactly what we're doing in Canada", he said.

The Vienna-based International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) said, "The legalization by Canada of cannabis for non-medical purposes is incompatible with the legal obligations incumbent on states parties under the international drug control framework".

Weed stocks were set to slide at Wednesday's opening bell after Canada become the second country to officially legalize marijuana.

These stores have been encouraged to shut down and apply for a license to sell or risk being shut out of the legal market.

Even though cannabis is legal within Canada, it's illegal to bring it into the country, even if you're traveling from one of the US states where it's legal as well.

The proposal is subject to approval by Parliament.

Cannabis will now be sold in stores and ordered online, with the drugs posted to customers' homes.

Canada started planning to legalize cannabis shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took office in 2015, making good on a campaign pledge.

Nearly three years since the Trudeau Liberals were elected - cannabis products are now legal in Canada. There's also the economic reality that Canada is now the largest industrial nation with adult-use, legalized cannabis.

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"I think more on a short-term basis we should have some cash to make sure we can allocate on a pullback", Taylor said.

With the surge in legal online sales across the country triggering the flow of HST and excise tax dollars from the moment the government-run websites went live, Day One of legalization passed with one curious absence - no sign whatsoever of an expected crackdown on black and grey market sales.

While President Donald Trump has said he would likely support a congressional effort to ease the federal prohibition, his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is a marijuana critic and legalization opponent.

"Now that the laws on cannabis have changed, individuals who previously acquired criminal records for simple possession of cannabis should be allowed to shed the stigma and the burden of that record".

Bud and breakfast In what some hope will be a boon to the budding weed tourism industry, some provinces are allowing smoking and vaping cannabis in hotels and inns. And relations with its southern neighbor will also put a damper on the party: US border officials can bar from entry Canadians who admit to having used marijuana or whom might be traveling on marijuana-related business.

"We hope that the most immediate impact of Canadian legalization is that it galvanizes supporters of ending prohibition in the USA and convinces members of the industry here to increase their efforts in support of reform", Morgan Fox, media relations director for the National Cannabis Industry Association, told 420 Intel in an email.

Marijuana remains illegal in the the federal level.

The co-owner of one of the open stores, who did not wish to have his or the store's name published, said the decision to remain open was made because the store fills a medicinal need in the community.

"I could say inside there it's very professional, they have everything laid out very well in the store", said Alexis Freeman outside Tweed's Osborne Village location.

She expects to run out in few days and doesn't know when she'll get her next order in. The 24-year-old said that by midday the line was taking about two hours, and that a lot of customers were taking their time once they made it inside so they could savor the historic moment.

Drug-impaired driving concerns as Canada legalises cannabis