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Afghan Guards Kill Kandahar Police Chief, US Troops Hurt

18 October 2018

An Afghan TV station says the Kandahar police chief was killed when members of the provincial governor's elite guards turned their guns on their own colleagues and American troops who were present at a high-level security meeting in province.

In a suicide attack late Wednesday near the largest US military base in Afghanistan, a bomber killed two Afghan civilians and wounded at least five Czech soldiers belonging to the USA -led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation coalition in the country, officials said.

Miller was not hurt in the assault claimed by the militant group that also wounded at least 12 people, including three Americans and a provincial governor, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Afghan officials said. Two Americans were injured in the incident at the compound, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation spokesperson said, and a local cameraman was reportedly killed.

In a Twitter post, the Taliban said Miller and Kandahar provincial police chief General Abdul Raziq, who was killed, were the targets of the shooting. "And that's another big effect of Raziq's assassination: The Americans lost a steadfast ally with whom they had worked so well for so many years and on whom they had come to depend so much", he said.

Wahida Shakar, spokeswoman for the provincial governor in Parwan, said the attack occurred late on October 17 in the Bagram district.

Locals in Kandahar reported hearing a large explosion followed by gunfire.

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A slight and youthful-looking man, Abdul Raziq earned a reputation for brutality and corruption in the border police beginning a decade ago.

He was accused of abuses, including torturing Taliban inmates, but had brought reasonable security in Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban militants.

Miller assumed command last month from Gen. John Nicholson and was still carrying out initial assessments of the security situation in Afghanistan. At least two other Afghan officials also were killed in the incident, which comes just two days before key elections in Afghanistan.

Raziq is often characterized as a US -backed warlord in Afghanistan.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani reacted to the bombing of parliamentary candidate Abdul Jabar Qahraman's office in Lashkargah city the capital of Helmand province.

A flamboyant commander, he had survived several attempts on his life over many years and narrowly escaped an attack last year in which five diplomats from the United Arab Emirates were killed in Kandahar.

Afghan Guards Kill Kandahar Police Chief, US Troops Hurt