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IPad getting Photoshop CC and a secret drawing app

16 October 2018

Adobe Premiere Rush CC is an "all-in-one, cross-device" video editing platform that brings several features associated with professional editing software (which typically require a more powerful desktop computer) to iPhone, iPad and Windows - and soon Android as well.

Adobe's Project Gemini naturalistic painting app. Adobe didn't want to tell anyone in case the experiment was unsuccessful, but a few months later, a "proof of life" concept of the full Photoshop app was launching on an iPad.

With the same code base in place, Photoshop CC on the iPad will be almost indistinguishable from the desktop app, save for some adjustments to the user interface and the addition of touch gestures.

Sometime next year, she-and others who use Photoshop to its fullest-should take another look at the iPad Pro. The company's new video editing app offers a cross-platform experience for easy and intuitive video editing powered by Creative Cloud.

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Photoshop CC for iPad can be checked out right now by signing up for the beta right here. Since Adobe specified the app was coming "first to iPad", there's a chance it could be available for Android devices at some point in the future. "This is the real Photoshop on the iPad". The app will support file providers like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and more. "Not the full-blown version", I started to explain.

The Verge was granted a week of hands-on time with Photoshop for iPad, and has a great video that demonstrates the app in action. The desktop version of Photoshop CC, meanwhile, now has an expanded Content Aware Fill workspace (below) among other revisions.

While we've had "lite" versions of Photoshop made for App Store before, they've always felt more anemic than the desktop version - especially when you consider smartphones and tablets have a plethora of photo- and video-editing apps made specifically with mobile in mind. None of these, however, can match the functionality provided by the desktop-based Photoshop CC, with Adobe crediting its arrival on iPad to the "beefier power of devices".

As Microsoft rolls out its refreshed Surface line up targeted primarily at the creative crowd, its partner Adobe maybe about to kneecap their efforts by finally releasing the flagship of its creative suite to the iPad.

IPad getting Photoshop CC and a secret drawing app