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Dubai-Bound AI Flight Hits Trichy Airport Wall, Passengers Safe

12 October 2018

An Air India Express flight to Dubai from Tamil Nadu's Tiruchirappalli airport, carrying 136 passengers, had a miraculous escape during take-off early Friday morning.

Airport officials said that operations at the airport was not affected though the ILS has been hit.

Miraculously, none of the 136 passengers and crew onboard IX 611, an Air India flight bound for Dubai, were injured though pictures of the jet after it made an emergency landing in Mumbai show severe damage.

In a statement, Air India Express said that an internal inquiry had been set up and the pilot and co-pilot of the flight had been derostered pending investigation into the incident.

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The decision to end the search has angered some relatives of the missing but taxi driver Rudy Rahman, 40, said he had to accept it.

The pilot in command reported that aircraft systems were operating normally, however, diverting the flight to Mumbai was a precautionary measure.

"The plane lost contact with air traffic control officials and landed in Mumbai after around four hours", an official said. The crew, however, chose to divert the Boeing 737 aircraft to Mumbai. All passengers have landed safely at the Mumbai airport and another aircraft from Mumbai to Dubai has also been arranged.

"It was made a decision to divert the aircraft to Mumbai as a precautionary measure". The flight's first officer Anurag has an experience of 3,000 hours on the B 737 aircraft.

Tamil Nadu Minister Vellamandi Natrajan visited the spot and inspected the damages to the wall, adjacent to a state highway. About incident AI express informed DGCA about it.

Dubai-Bound AI Flight Hits Trichy Airport Wall, Passengers Safe