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Democrats Agree To Confirm More Of Trump's Judicial Nominees - Again

12 October 2018

"The Senate in the hands of one party and the White House in the hands of another in a presidential election year", McConnell said, according to the Washington Examiner. "Maybe. And there's a possibility they want infrastructure, I want infrastructure, there's something that can bring us together", he said. The confrontational style harkened back to protests by the conservative tea party, which included angry face-offs with lawmakers and a massive Capitol demonstration far larger than last week's rallies.

What's unclear is whether GOP unity is enough to preserve the GOP power in Congress.

Last week saw a jump in enthusiasm among Republican men.

Both parties have detected a surge in engagement among GOP and conservative voters since the nation's attention was grabbed by the confirmation battle over Kavanaugh, including allegations of sexual misconduct that he denied. While it's unclear how many of those picks McConnell plans to seek a pre-election deal on with Schumer, the Kentucky Republican has underscored that he intends to follow his victory on Kavanaugh with more judicial confirmations before the midterms. McConnell has called it a political gift. They want to keep their 401ks... "I think you're going to see a lot of things happen on November 6 that would not have happened before", Trump said Monday as he departed for an event in Florida.

Democrats agreed to swallow the additional nominations to free up their vulnerable members to campaign full time for the next three weeks.

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"Honest to God, I would answer that question, but I'm going to let you guys do that assessment", he said.

Grass roots tea party activists opposed to President Barack Obama's health care bill noisily disrupted lawmakers' town hall meetings across the country in summer 2009, booing and accusing Democrats of lying.

While numerous judges were approved with bipartisan support, nearly half were confirmed on mostly party-line votes. "You know they're up 40-50 percent in 401ks".

McConnell described protesters "literally storming the steps of the Capitol and the Supreme Court", confronting Republicans at restaurants and shouting from the Senate visitors' galleries during last week's debate and vote on Kavanaugh.

Republican Sen. Ann Rivers of La Center, who is involved with her chamber's campaign efforts, said Republicans are "waxing up our red surfboard in case there is a blue wave". (Republicans are especially likely to say they are benefiting from an improved economy: 42% say their family is better off financially than they were a year ago, almost double the percentage of independents who say this, and more than three times the percentage of Democrats.) Republicans also cite immigration. In a video purportedly shot at a recent campaign event in Georgia, Holder says, "When they go low, we kick them", paraphrasing former first lady Michelle Obama, who famously said during the 2016 campaign, "When they go low, we go high".

Democrats Agree To Confirm More Of Trump's Judicial Nominees - Again