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Children having inadequate sleep risk mental illness - Psychiatrist

12 October 2018

At yesterday's event, funding constraints for mental health in Ghana came up strongly, with stakeholders lamenting the low investment in an area where the Mental Health Authority a year ago said about four million Ghanaians were suffering from mild mental illness. But on Tuesday, Gaga took her advocacy work to another level when she wrote an op-ed for The Guardian to bring attention and awareness to the global mental health crisis.

The plan, established in conjunction between the EIS and UK Sport, aims to take care of athlete's mental health needs as well as their physical health.

About one in five young people experiences mental health problems; half of all mental health conditions start by the age of 14 but most cases are undetected and untreated, according to the United Nations chief.

According to the Asian American Journal of Psychology, Asian Americans have lower rates of using any type of mental health-related services than the general population.

We can not say that suicide is a black and white situation, as Gaga and Ghebreyesus wrote: "Suicide is the most extreme and visible symptom of the larger mental health emergency we are so far failing to adequately address".

Available data also indicates that the three main mental hospitals in Ghana receive more than one hundred thousand patients in a year with thirty thousand of them suffering from cannabis-induced conditions.

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Over the past few years, we've seen an influx in people speaking, writing, and educating others about their own mental health issues. Mental health champions have also been created who will have meetings with senior management to suggest ideas on how to improve employees' wellbeing.

Both these initiatives have been entitled "Equally Well", emphasising the right of people living with mental health issues to experience equity in access to, and quality of, health care. "Reading the emotion in the writings people have left about the people who have passed away is really powerful".

She also pointed out that apart from awareness; financial independence, being a working or studying woman, or even as housewives, they can not afford to be unwell (psychologically) as it affects their work life, academics and even relationships. In Africa, nearly three out of four countries spend less than 1% of their health budget on mental health, the World Health Organisation's 2015 Mental Health Atlas shows.

This makes mental illness one of the most prevalent illnesses known to man. The most common among these is depression.

"Mental health is a very important issue and we should try to help young people to live happier lives without worry", said Seb, who raised more than £400 for Young Minds through a cake sale and by selling yellow headbands.

"The two of us have taken different paths in life. It is time to do the same for mental health".

Children having inadequate sleep risk mental illness - Psychiatrist