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See Terrifying Trailer for New 'Pet Sematary' Movie Adaptation

10 October 2018

King's scariest novel, Pet Sematary, is all set to spook you out and the first trailer is now out, providing hints of just how scary it is going to get.

"There was a myth, kids used to dare each other to go into the woods at night", neighbor Jud Crandall (John Lithgow) warns the family. "It may be just some insane folk tale, but there is something in those woods". "They knew the power of that place".

It's spooky stuff, guys, real spooky stuff.

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Boasting the logline "sometimes dead is better", the clip is plenty creepy. We get kids performing pet funerals in creepy animal masks, fog lining the ground at the night, a toy drum that just won't stop beating, and very brief glimpses of the violence to come that are nearly more disturbing than actually watching the death scenes. "In the original movie, it's a 21-year-old guy in drag playing it, and in the book, as you recall, it's a 10-year-old girl". "It's more accurate to the book, I'll just say that", Widmyer told Entertainment Weekly.

Last year saw IT hit the big screen to much fanfare, and next year will see IT: Chapter Two...but also Pet Sematary, another beloved King classic. The directors previously made cult horror Starry Eyes, which is a disturbing look at fame and Hollywood and a very good sign for this particular reboot. Instead, it'll hone in on what makes the story so horrifying.

The film is now scheduled to be released on 5th April, 2019.

See Terrifying Trailer for New 'Pet Sematary' Movie Adaptation