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Melania Trump Says Survivors Need to Show Hard Evidence of Assault

10 October 2018

Trump commented on the movement during a sit-down interview with ABC News reporter Tom Llama, who traveled with the first lady to Africa. "But we need to show the evidence", Trump said.

Melania Trump says her husband's politics are hurting her attempts to partner with aid organizations.

First Lady Melania Trump says #MeToo victims who were sexually abused by men should only come forward if they have proof.

"We need to have a really hard evidence that if you're accused of something-show the evidence", Trump urged.

"They need to be heard", she said. His accuser was unable to offer corroborating evidence or give key details to back up her claim - which Kavanaugh has unequivocally denied as being true.

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Trump also said that some organizations and foundations were unwilling to partner with her due to their distaste for the administration in another portion of the interview aired on Tuesday.

Llamas asked the First Lady for her take on the #MeToo movement. Recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had his confirmation stalled for weeks due to allegations of sexual misconduct for multiple women. We need to support them.

"And also, you know, also men". You can not just say to somebody "I was sexually assaulted, ' or 'you did that to me".

After describing how she was being blackballed, when Llamas asked her to name names she said: "I would not talk about it, they know who they are". "You can not just say to somebody, 'I was sexually assaulted, ' or, 'You did that to me, ' because sometimes the media goes too far".

Melania Trump Says Survivors Need to Show Hard Evidence of Assault