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Lady Gaga mental health essay calls for funding and awareness

10 October 2018

The Bad Romance singer previously took a career break to look after her mental health, telling The Mirror: 'I take medication.

Former Liverpool midfielder Jason McAteer has called on people affected by mental health issues to be courageous and reach out to people. "In the United Kingdom and Australia, peer-to-peer education programs encourage young people to support one another".

McAteer recently opened up on the mental health struggles he encountered during his playing days, and has made a documentary with Liverpool called Jason McAteer: Through the Storm, examining mental health problems in football and wider society.

According to the global agency, 10 to 20 per cent of children and adolescents worldwide suffer from mental disorders.

Children and adolescents in humanitarian settings are particularly vulnerable to mental distress and illness, World Health Organization said.

Mental disorders are estimated to cost the global community almost $2.5 trillion each year - and those costs are increasing.

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Half of all mental illness begin by the age of 14 years, but most cases go undetected and untreated, with serious long-term consequences for mental health, it said. "But factors such as financial problems, stress, substance abuse and exam stress can also be factors".

The harmful use of alcohol and illicit drugs among adolescents were also identified as contributing to risky behaviours such as violence, unsafe sex and dangerous driving.

A combination of issues is usually the biggest contributors to mental health among young people, says Chambers.

The 32-year-old has been open about her mental health throughout her career, revealing she has post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. For more information or professional help, visit their website.

Like most low and middle income countries, Zimbabwe puts people with mental health problems in hospitals, rather than treating them in the community, says Professor Dixon Chibanda of the University of Zimbabwe - one of the country's handful of trained psychiatrists.

"As a government, we have delineated our health system for easy appreciation of the roles required by all stakeholders in the sector".

Lady Gaga mental health essay calls for funding and awareness