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Google Unveils The Pixel 3

10 October 2018

Well, wonder no more as we delve into our brief hands-on time with the devices at Google's Made By Google October event.

I honestly thought the Google Home Hub was going to be bigger.

The Hub is a Smart Display by Google that integrates Google Photos, a visual version of the Google Assistant, YouTube, and other services. That means you can, without voice commands, swipe and tap at it to control your home's smart devices, check the weather, and see your commute.

One of the major disappoints of the new Google Home Hub, however, is the omission of a camera for Google Duo video calls.

On one level they're both nothing more than the latest iteration of Google's popular Pixel smartphone. Google calls it a Molecular display, which is just a fancy way of saying it's very sharp and vibrant. The firm is also expected to launch a new tablet computer - the Pixel Slate. The Chrome operating system has been optimized for the device's touchscreen, with Wuellner adding that "it's your own personal Google, right at your fingertips". The device includes double front-facing speakers, supposed to output really good sound.

The Pixel 3 comes with an 18W fast charger in the box, which can give you seven hours of use in 15 minutes of charge. The keyboard is backlit with rounded keys and connects to the Pixel Slate via a smart connector at the bottom of the device. A separate stylus, the same one from the Pixelbook, is also available for $99. There's 4GB of RAM and it comes with 64GB or 128GB of storage.

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If there was one thing that came out of Google's hardware launch today, it was that the internet goliath is willing to pay a lot of money to others in order to push into the market. If you're starting a new Project Fi line, the phone's ridiculously easy to get set up thanks to its eSIM - you just power it up and follow a few prompts. It's still a $35 dongle. This is where the new innovations have concentrated, as Google and its ilk focus on features and possibilities that can be generated from its artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sheer processing power. It's the first time Google has embraced the format, which Apple adopted a year ago with its ballyhooed iPhone X. The 3rd Gen Chromecast comes in two colors-Chalk and Charcoal-along with a new matte finish and minimal Google branding. Google claims that you'll have the ability to run developer tools and even Linux.

In the case of both phones, there's a single-lens rear camera near the top, while the fingerprint scanner sits lower down. The Pixel 3 XL, on the other hand, rocks a 6.3-inch 1440 x 2960 display with a notch. There is no headphone jack again on either of these two devices. Today only, ordering a Pixel 3 via the My Verizon app gets you a free Pixel Stand. Google does not appear to offer any enticements, but the longer you wait, the later that shipping date will be.

Otherwise, why on Earth else would enormo-publisher Conde Nast have agreed to use its new Google Pixel smartphones for its most recent magazine cover shoots?

The accessory will wirelessly charge the flagship in addition to providing a host of new functionality. They'll come in three colors: black, white and pink.

Meanwhile, Pixel 3 XL is priced at £869 for 64GB of memory and climbs to a whopping £969 for 128GB.

In that respect, the Google Home Hub is nearly an exact replica of Amazon's Echo Show, which is also a screen with a built-in digital assistant that connects to various music and video services, most owned by Amazon, and anything that includes the Alexa system.

Google Unveils The Pixel 3