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Google Pixel Slate renders appear to reveal design, detachable keyboard and stylus

10 October 2018

The device was not officially confirmed by Google at the time, but was widely tipped to debut at last night's Made By Google event. As a telemarketer talks to the phone, a live transcript pops up that you can follow along and answer if you want to.

Finally, one of the most rumored smartphones is out, and most of the speculations turned out to be true.

The new camera app, for example, relies heavily on AI. This flagship smartphone will be coming with a 5.5 inch FHD+ flexible OLED screen.

Also, unlike the limelight-craving Pixel 3 and 3 XL, which have been leaked all over the internet, there have not been any leaks of the Pixel Watch's design, suggesting there aren't any out there to leak.

"There are also whispers that the 3 will be the first of the Pixel range to support wireless charging". The Pixel 3 comes with a second front facing camera that captures "184 per cent more of the scene than iPhone Xs". At the back of the Pixels, there is a single 12.2MP camera, bucking the industry trend of dual, and in some cases triple-lens setups. I've never wanted an iPad or a Windows tablet, and I've always preferred the purity and first-in-line-for-operating-system-upgrades you get with a Google branded product. Plus, the Pixel 3 family is expected to have an Active Edge feature that was sported on the Pixel 2 models past year. Like the iPhone, the new Pixel screens are bigger, expanding to the edges, enabling it to be smaller with the same size screen, and the cameras are being continually improved. The power button is at the top and there are front-facing stereo speakers.

Accessories include a detachable keyboard and Pixelbook Pen.

The Home Hub will make getting YouTube videos and recipes easier, and when you check the weather you'll be able to see the forecast as well as hear it.

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The Google Home Hub is poised to be the Google Home smart speaker with a face - a 7-inch screen, that is.

Home Hub is priced at $149, which is indeed a head turner. At The Tech Portal, he covers gadgets, startups and the good and bad of tech. It was Google I/O conference where a human-sounding robot was displayed.

The timeline for the India launch a couple of weeks after the global announcement seems to be in line with what Google did past year with Pixel 2-series phones.

Tuesday's announcements come a day after Google disclosed a flaw that could have exposed personal information of up to 500,000 users of its Plus social network.

Camera is the area where Google excels with its Pixel devices. 100,000:1 contrast ratio as well as HDR support.

Inside the body will be integrated Wi-Fi dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz), while the software will be entrusted to Android.

Google is set to launch its new set of smartphones on Tuesday at an event in New York City. The Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL had similar launch pricing, although we saw significant discounts for the Pixel 2 early in the device life-cycle.

Google Pixel Slate renders appear to reveal design, detachable keyboard and stylus