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State investigating restaurant that calmed lobsters with marijuana

24 September 2018

A ME restaurateur is getting her lobsters high on marijuana before boiling them as a way to give them a "kinder passage" to the plate.

Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, of Southwest Harbor, Maine, has been experimenting with one such unorthodox method of reducing the suffering that lobster's experience prior to being steamed.

Instead, Gill, who has a medical marijuana caregiver license, plans to smoke up her lobsters with her homegrown plants before she boils them. Owner Charlotte Gill claims that she tested the effects of weed smoke on a lobster named Roscoe, according to Eater, when she put the lobster in about two inches of water inside a covered box, then pumped smoke into the liquid in sort of a water-bong scenario.

Maine Department of Health and Human Services spokeswoman Emily Spencer wouldn't say whether the state had asked Gill to halt such sales. "Truly we are not trying to go against (the state's) wishes and would love to work with them in order for us all to make this world a kinder place". Crustaceans usually boiled alive, and science cannot answer, how strong the pain is experienced by animals.

"Maybe they should consider taking a page from our book and incorporating cannabis into their practices as well", she said.

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But lobster scientists are less certain of the sedative effect, noting that lobsters don't use their claws as weapons, and whether it would make their deaths less traumatic.

Lobsters are often prepared by throwing alive into boiling water, what some people consider cruel.

Gill says lobster have cannabinoid receptors in their nervous systems, allowing them to be sedated by the smoke.

"The process is for the physical comfort of the lobster, not the consumer", Gill said on her Facebook page.

State investigating restaurant that calmed lobsters with marijuana