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Nordstrom takes heat for selling scuffed shoes

23 September 2018

In a statement in 2016, Golden Goose defended itself by saying that it is proud to pioneer the booming distressed look which the company said has become one of the biggest trends in fashion.

Comedian Christine Sydelko tweeted, "there are people in the world wearing plastic bags as shoes because they can't afford any but these disgusting things are selling for $500 the fashion industry is truly so f***ing stupid".

Some think that the taped-up sneakers are weird and overpriced.

Manufactured by Italian high fashion sneaker brand "Golden Goose", the sneakers with "crumply, hold-it-all-together tape" are being called out for glorifying poverty.

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Another person Tweeted, "The "Golden Goose" here is anyone who would consider paying $530 for these glorified poverty sneakers".

Worokya Duncan wrote to Nordstrom on Twitter, complaining that the shoes are "awful" and "insensitive". This is very bad. Insensitive. Who's in the room when pitching marketing ideas??' But purchasing new shoes with dirt and tape already on them - for more than $500 - is quite another. Rest assured your comments were shared with our teams. That my embarrassment & struggle is being marketed disgusts me'.

The Venice-based brand, which specifies on its websites that the shoes" laces are "intentionally worn' and that the sneakers are made of calf suede, also offers a $530 pair of suede boots with tape at the front and back of the shoes. Last year, the company sold a pair of jeans featuring fake mud for more than $400.

Instead if getting orders for the new range, the brand is receiving backlash with Twitter users calling their designs "offensive" and "distasteful".

Nordstrom takes heat for selling scuffed shoes